The Hague Humanity Hub grant for innovative digital solutions

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Innovators wanted!


The Hague Humanity Hub is calling for innovators in the peace, justice and humanitarian sectors to apply for a grant, taking their innovative ideas for digital solutions to the next level.

The Hub, a collaboration between The City of The Hague and HumanityX, has launched the Cross-Over Fund to give digital innovators the opportunity to improve a process, product or service within the peace, justice or humanitarian sector.

By supporting forward-thinking individuals and organisations with a grant to develop solutions, the Hub aims to improve the work that is done on peace, justice and humanitarian response around the world. An example of this is HumanityX’s project with the UN World Food Programme, where Big Data analytics and dashboard technologies are explored and developed to improve food security for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Size of the grant: 
The City of The Hague makes available a € 600.000 grant, starting on 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2018, equally split between the two calendar years. Each application can request a grant of up to € 50.000 to support their project.

Who can apply?
The Cross-Over Fund is available to knowledge institutions, NGOs, governmental organisations, start-ups and businesses worldwide. Successful applicants are required to work in collaboration with The Hague Humanity Hub and its partners.

Application deadline:
Deadline for the first round of applications is Friday 17 February 2017.

Apply Now

For more information, please visit the application page on The City of The Hague website.

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