Job Opportunity: UNICEF seeks Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Polio immunization) P2, Temporary Appointment – Cameroun Yaounde

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Job no: 501848
Work type: Temporary Appointment
Location: Cameroon
Categories: Expanded Programme Immunization, Health, Monitoring and Evaluation

UNICEF-   Cameroon         :     TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR)
Job Title and Level: P2

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Polio immunization)


Section: Polio Unit
Duration: 6 months
Duty Station: Yaoundé Cameroon
1.      Organizational context and Purpose for the job

Since the beginning of 2013, 9 new cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) have been reported in Cameroon in 3 regions (West, Center an East West). Efforts have been made, by Government of Cameroon, with support partners to prevent the circulation of virus. And in April 2015, the third external evaluation declared the end of the circulation of poliovirus in Cameroon. But, the evaluation recommended to strengthen monitoring system, to reinforce the routine immunization and increase the participation of community members. From 2013, in total, twenty five (25) vaccination campaigns were conducted until now as polio response strategy, the polio vaccine inactivated (IPV) was introduced on July 2015 and the switch tOPV-bOPV held on April 2016.

Moreover, recent polio outbreaks were declared in Borno State in Nigeria border to the Far North region of Cameroon following the confirmation of one case of Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (cVDPV) and three cases of wild polio virus (WPV 1). In order to immunize children against Poliovirus in border regions, the government of Cameroon established a response plan in line of new Standards Operational Procedures (SOP), which recommended to organize five (5) Polio Campaigns during the second semester 2016. Another point is that around the Lake Chad Basin, the health facilities have poor rate of immunization coverage, Efforts of communication and routine immunization must be provided to improve these indicators. A regional coordination, gathering the countries (Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria) is in place to implement the strategies for the prioritized Districts.

In this perspective, social mobilization to raise awareness of community, strengthening dialogue; involving mass communication and social organization network; increase   the participation of administrative, political, religious, and traditional leaders,   have to be reinforced and implemented for children immunization.

UNICEF country office is considering hiring an international Monitoring & Evaluation Officer to support the Government of Cameroon to ensure the coordination and implementation of social mobilization activities and the implementation of polio legacy.


The specialist in monitoring and evaluation will provide technical expertise in planning, developing monitoring and evaluation tools, monitoring indicators, evaluations and prompt, building skills as well as reporting and capitalization.


Purpose for the job:

Under the supervision of Polio Unit’s Coordinator in collaboration with Immunization specialist, Chief Health and Chief PME, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer is accountable for the accomplishment of the stated key end-results by providing professional expertise and assistance in planning, development of Monitoring and Evaluation tools, indicators’ monitoring, periodic assessments and survey, training, preparation of reports and capitalization.


2.      Indicative assignment dates:

01 January 2017

3.      Supervisor:

Polio Unit Coordinator

4.      Major duties and responsibilities: Fill in here key responsibilities



25% 1.      Support to program development and planning ;

·         Conduct/update situation analysis for the program sector for development, design and management of health related program.  Research and report on development  trends (e.g. Political, social, economic, health);

·         Contribute to the development/Establishment of sectoral program goals, objectives and strategies and results-based planning trough analysis of health needs and areas for intervention and submission of recommendation for priority and goal setting ;

·         Provide technical and operational support throughout all stages of programming processes by executing/administering a variety of technical program transactions, preparing materials/ documentations and complying with organizational processes and managements system, to support program planning, results based planning and monitoring and evaluating results

·         Prepare required documentation/materials to facilitate the program review and approval process.


25% 2.      Development of monitoring and evaluation’s tools :

·         Support Cameroon’s EPI in development of data  collection and analysis tools about social mobilization during SIAs and for the routine immunization ;

·         Contribute in close collaboration with MINPROFF and MINSANTE team to design and update the tools of data collection and analysis about activities of women’s associations in the framework of partnership MINPROFF-MINSANTE ;

·         Contribute in close collaboration with MINCOM and MINSANTE team to design and update the tools of data collection and analysis about activities of community radios ;

·         Support and contribute to the training of the stakeholders on the use of the tools developed ;

·         Support in close collaboration with the MINATD team, the focal points for follow-up of governors’ commitments in Dashboard use and activities monitoring ;

·         Contribute in close collaboration with polio team to the development of monitoring and evaluation tools about governors’ forum, partnership MINPROFF-MINSANTE, partnership with community radios, health task force communication and messages diffusion.

30% 3.      Program Management, monitoring and delivery of results. :

·         Work closely and collaboratively with internal and external colleagues and partners to discuss operational and implementation issues, provide solutions, recommendations and/or alert appropriate official and stakeholders for higher-level intervention and /or decision. Keep report record of report

·          Review monthly the polio unit’s activities implementation and share with all stakeholders ;

·         Make timely available the physical and financial level of operational plan’s implementation each quarter ;

·         Insure the analysis of routine immunization data allowing to make feedback for all stakeholders and preparation of the reporting ;

·         Follow-up daily preparation and implementation of SIAs and share regularly the situation with all stakeholders ;

·         Insure independent monitoring data analysis by giving indicators’ trends for make feedback, present performances to management and prepare donors’ reporting ;

·         Make risk analysis to identify priorities health districts and follow-up timely theirs performances ;

·         Develop a dashboard of main indicators and regularly update.

10% 4.      Technical and operational support to program implementation

·         Conduct regular program field visits and surveys and/or exchange information with partners/stakeholders to assess progress and provide technical support, take appropriate action to resolve issues, bottlenecks and potential problems for timely actions to achieve results.

·         Provide technical and operational support to government counterpart, NGO partners, UN system partners and other countries office/partners/donors on the application and understanding of Unicef policies, strategies, processes and best practices on health and related issues to support program implementation, operation and delivery of results.


10% 5.      Reporting and capitalisation :

·         Monitor and report on the use of sectoral program (financial, administrative and other assets). Verify compliance with approved allocation/goals, organizational rules, regulations/procedures and donor’s commitment, standards of accountability and integrity. Report on issues identified to ensure timely resolution by management /Stakholders. Follow up on unresolved issues to ensure resolution ;

·         Prepare regular/mandated sectoral program/project reports for management, donors and partners to keep them informed of program progress

5.      Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience/competencies required for the assignment:


University Degree or equivalent in socials sciences, economy, demography, epidemiology, public health, statistics with experience in health program management and evidences planning.


–          Minimum of 2 years management experience about monitoring and evaluation design for a development program ;

–          Relevant planning, management and financial monitoring experience ;

–          Relevant field operation experience about polio outbreak response.


Fluency in French (oral and written) and in English is required


Competency Profile (For details on competencies please refer to UNICEF Professional Competency Profiles.)

i) Core Values (Required)

·         Commitment       • Diversity and Inclusion      • Integrity

ii) Core Competencies (Required)

•   Communication [ I ]                 • Working with People[ II ]       • Drive for Result [ I ]

ii)   Functional Competencies (Required)

•  Formulating Strategies and Concepts [ I ]

•   Analyzing   [ II ]                   • Applying Technical Expertise [ II ]

• Planning and Organizing [ II ]

iii) Technical Knowledge

a) Specific Technical Knowledge Required (for the job)

(Technical knowledge requirements specific to the job can be added here as required.)

• Knowledge of Project and Activity Evaluation.

• Professional technical knowledge/expertise in Data Collection

•   Professional technical knowledge/expertise in Evaluation Process Management, Follow-up on Recommendations and Dissemination of M&E results

                 b) Common Technical Knowledge Required (for the job group)

• Professional technical knowledge/expertise in demography, statistics, and data management.

• Methodology of M&E, theories, standards and models, quantitative/qualitative/mixed methods, validity/reliability testing of data, data analysis and interpretation, and statistical inference methods.

• Professional technical knowledge/expertise in Activity Monitoring & Evaluation, Evaluation Design, data analysis, and reporting.

•   Gender equality and diversity awareness


c) Technical Knowledge to be Acquired/Enhanced (for the Job)

·         Knowledge/expertise of best practices, lessons learned and communication.

·         Understanding of UNICEF’s policies and procedures for programming, monitoring and evaluation guidelines.

·          Latest programme monitoring and evaluation theory, methodology, technology and tools.

·         Understanding of UN Mission and system; and International Code of Conduct.

·         Understanding of UNICEF Mission Statement and observance of UNICEF Guiding Principles.

e)      Others Competencies

·         Good knowledge of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methodology ;

·         Good knowledge of pack office and specific software as   SPSS and  EPI INFO ;

·         An experience in the related area in the united nations system is an asset will considered as a main quality ;

·         Work in multicultural environment ;

·         Capacity to plan and organize several activities and prioritize them ;

·         Excellent communication skills (reporting) and oral communications.




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Applications close: W. Central Africa Standard Time


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